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This week, we are excited to feature menswear blogger (& GQ Contributor), Denny Balmaceda.

Meet Denny.

Denny Balmaceda

Who is Denny Balmaceda? Can you share a quick bio with us — where you’re from, what you do, and how you got where you are?

Denny Balmaceda is a fashion blogger and menswear stylist who hails from the NYC area. He firmly believes in the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is temporary; fashion is a race. Style is independent of that…style is story telling. In 2007, way before #ootd and personal style Instagram accounts, Denny was the person bombarding your Facebook feed with pictures of his daily outfits. Since then, via his blog and social media, he has inspired 90k+ global followers to dress confidently.

Denny Balmaceda and UNIONBAY

What’s a day in the life like for you? Can you walk us through your daily routine?

I wake up to my cats walking on my face. My wife gets up before me and after she leaves, they get bored and want to play. After I snuggle with the cats, I answer a few emails, check Instagram and check my schedule. I usually shoot my website content in the morning and then follow the rest of the day with meetings with brands, artists and photographers. After 7, I head home, scoop up some takeout for my wife and I (we gotta get better at that cooking thing) and settle in for a night of watching 90s music videos on Youtube.

Denny Balmaceda and UNIONBAY

Describe your personal style in three words. 

Thrifty, Dapper, Dope.

Denny Balmaceda and UNIONBAY

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the blogger world?

Be yourself, be consistent, don’t ever be above anyone. The key to this thing is never losing site of your original vision. There was once a spark that lead you to blogging…expand on that, allow it to evolve but no matter how big things get…never forget that original vision. Also, you’re going to meet people who will throw money at you and people who wish they could but can’t because they are just starting out themselves. Don’t discredit this second batch of people. Stay humble and hungry.

 Denny Balmaceda and UNIONBAY

What trend are you really digging this fall?

I am really loving the range of denim that we are seeing from heritage brands. From The Hill Side, Visvim, Levi’s and Ralph Lauren we are seeing some really interesting takes on the classics. I also love Japanese style and particularly appreciate the marriage between Japanese street style and heritage brands.

Denny Balmaceda & UNIONBAY

What (or who) inspires you?

I am inspired by old pictures of my dad and his brothers. I love that some time ago, men REALLY prided themselves on getting dressed. I sometimes wish that dressing to impress and formal wear would come back into style. I also love Andre 3000. To me, he is consistently the best dressed and most underrated celebrity. Is anyone cooler?

What’s on your “iPod” right now?

The new Grimes album.

Denny Balmaceda & UNIONBAY

Do you prefer dressing for the sun or snow?

I’m not a big summer guy because I love to layer. For this reason, I’d say fall. Snow is too sloppy!

Denny Balmaceda and UNIONBAY

Thanks Denny! Make sure to follow his blog,  InstagramTwitter & Facebook.

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