Feature Friday | Andrew Kearns

This week we are featuring one of our favorite Pacific Northwest photographers, Andrew Kearns. Andrew spends his time traveling and documenting his rad adventures on the road. He has recently started a Vlog to showcase his behind-the-scenes photography &  keeps us up-to-date on his cool adventures via Instagram. #AdventureGoals

Meet Andrew.

Andrew Kearns

Who is Andrew Kearns? Can you share a quick bio with us — where you’re from, what you do, and how you got where you are?

  I’m Andrew Kearns! I am based out of Washington and I do freelance photography/videography for a living. After shooting, messing up, learning from my mistakes, and working really hard, my hobby/passion has become my career. I love it.

Andrew Kearns

When did you get your first camera? How has your style developed since you first started shooting? 

  I got my own camera when I graduated from High School as a gift. From there I just shot casually, and kept shooting more and more. I hiked a lot and took a camera along everywhere. Then I got into portraits, and lifestyle, brand work, etc. It’s a process for sure.

Andrew Kearns

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Where do you get inspiration?

 I am most inspired by those who are working really, really hard at what they do and constantly striving to be better. People that are out there hustling and grinding are the people that I look up to whether they are a big deal or not.

What is your favorite picture you’ve ever taken?

 I have this Munra Point shot that I love (below). I was stoked on how it looked, but also this was a hike I wanted to do for years, and finally getting there was something so surreal.

Andrew Kearns

Where is your favorite place to adventure?

  I loved Montana and Iceland. They were amazing for different reasons, but I’m finding it’s all about the people I’m with.

Andrew Kearns

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What piece of advice would you give someone trying to break into the world of photography?

  You have to keep shooting, and be constantly striving to be better, and try ideas. Also, you have to do big things to stand out, the days of drive up spots are over.

What are your top three favorite Instagram accounts to follow and why?


Andrew Kearns


Andrew Kearns


Andrew Kearns

All three are friends, are talented, inspiring, and work hard at what they do.

I never leave my house without…

 My camera! Duh.

What’s next for you?

   Lots of videos/vlogs hopefully! That’s my next project.

Thanks Andrew! Make sure you check out his most recent Vlog’s from shooting in Iceland. ✌

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