Denim Vest DIY!

-Denim Vest DIY-

Get crafty and give new life to an old denim jacket by creating a one-of-a kind denim vest. Our denim designers had some fun reworking the UNIONBAY ‘Lucas Denim Jacket’ and beautifying the UNIONBAY ‘Risa Denim Vest’.

Denim Vest DIY


Denim jacket


Needle and thread

Bits and bobbles (grandma’s jewels, studs, patches, buttons, fabric scraps, safety pins-anything goes!)

Fabric pens (optional)

Denim Vest DIY


Carefully cut the sleeves off the jacket, leaving 1/8” or more for fraying

Cut the collar off on the body side of the seam

Layout your treasures and pin them or sew them on to your vest

Use fabric markers to embellish further (we did daisies for a fun 70’s vibe)

Wear it out and let your unique personality shine!

Denim Vest DIY

Denim Vest DIY

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