Feature Friday | Ivy Carnegie

This week, we are excited to feature health blogger + model, Ivy Carnegie.

(Plus, she is rocking vintage UNIONBAY overalls like it’s nobody’s business).

Ivy Carnegie

Who is Ivy Carnegie? Can you share a quick bio with us – where you’re from, what you do, and how you got where you are.

I am from a tiny farm town in Illinois, I have 5 siblings and I met my husband when I was 11 years old. I have also been modeling for 11 years. My husband and I started a juice company, Drinkbar Juicery, in 2012. I got where I am through pure perseverance and trusting the ‘man upstairs.’ I realized a long, long time ago that even people that work really hard do not always end up with what they want. I knew I had to give it all I had, regardless of what came at me.

Ivy carnegie

How did you start your health blogging career?
It is weird to hear someone call it a ‘health blogging career’ as I was just putting out things I absolutely loved. To make a long story short, I was really sick about 12 years ago and discovered how important nutrition and healing my body through food was. I discovered I could not trust doctors or pharmaceutical companies to know what was best for my body. I had to really lead with my intuition and study everything there was to know that Mother Nature provided for us. It was such a humbling experience. It was a long, quiet road that really gave me a deep empathy and understanding for those who have a diagnosis that makes them feel like their body is not on their side. It gave me a new perspective on what it feels like to be healthy and vibrant and gave me a crazy fire to want to help others get there too.


Where do you get inspiration?
Oh, that is easy– Watching people find new hope after deeply nourishing their body. That moment between the person seeking help and I find a deep connection & understanding. It ignites me every single time. I want to do cartwheels with them and then eat bananas.

Describe your personal style in three words.

Easy, gray, and denim.

I will never leave my house without. 

A liter of water and an apple.

Ivy Carnegie

What’s your mantra?

“Disease is not the presence of something evil, but rather the lack of the presence of something essential.” – Dr. Bernard Jensen

Thank you, Ivy! Make sure you follow her on Instagram for more health inspiration.

Images by: Nicole Balsamo

Music Monday | Winter Acoustics Mix


Winter Acoustics Mix

Winter Solstice is upon us. Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter! It is that time of the year when the breeze gets colder and the nights get longer. Whenever you need a little  pick-me-up, throw on this soft acoustic playlist to warm the soul on the coldest days of the year.

Playlist via… Spotify

5 DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

DIY Gift Ideas

5 DIY Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love the holidays? This time of year is known for its endless amounts of food, extra family time (may be good or bad for some) and last but certainly not least, the gift giving. However, if you have more gifts to give than your budget allows, then you might need to get crafty. Here are some of our favorite DIY projects that will allow you to personalize to each person’s personality, making each gift unique and memorable!

DIY Gift IDeas


by Honestly WTF

This DIY project couples as an art project that you may never want to end. Pick out some bright acrylic paint colors and go to town with geometric shapes. Find full DIY tutorial here.

DIY Gift IDeas


by Clean Slate

  Looking for an easy DIY project? This one is foolproof (as long as you can keep the succulents alive, which may be challenging for some). Find full DIY tutorial here.

DIY gift Ideas


by Design Love Fest

Have you shared a fun trip with your close friends recently? If yes, then this might be the perfect DIY for you. Plus, all you need to do is import images and Artifact Uprising does all of the heavy lifting. Find full DIY tutorial here.

DIY Gift Ideas


by Sarah Sherman Samuel

 Have a friend who just moved and has an abundance of white walls? Bingo! Not only is this DIY on-trend when it comes to home décor, it is also super easy. Find full DIY tutorial here.

DIY gift ideas


By SwellMayde

Your friends will surely be impressed when they find out that you MADE them this statement ring! You may even want to make a few to keep yourself… Find full DIY tutorial here.

Music Monday | Rockin’ Road Trip Mix

Rockin' Road Trip Mix

Rockin’ Road Trip Mix

Want to get out of town, but don’t have the extra cash lying around for a plane ticket? Two words: Road Trip. Not only do you save money on expensive plane tickets but you also get to enjoy the gorgeous countryside and spend lots (and lots) of time with your best friends. Start off your travels on a high note playing this Road Trip mix. Sit back, relax, and drive on.

Road Trip Mix via… Spotify

Feature Friday | LivvyLand

LivvyLand and Supplies by UNIONBAYLivvyLand

Who is Olivia Watson? Can you share a quick bio with us — where you’re from, what you do, and how you got where you are?

Hello there! My name is Olivia and I am a fashion blogger born and raised in Austin, Texas. I am newly wed to Blake, my high school sweetheart and the most amazing human I know (yep, mushy, madly in love over here!) and “Auntie O” to six perfect nieces and nephews. I am a major homebody, pasta is the second love of my life and when I’m not posting Instagrams over on @livvylandblog, you can find me at my neighborhood coffeehouse, either sipping a latte or drinking a local beer and catching up with friends. After realizing the corporate world might not fulfill my creative needs, I started LivvyLand– my little corner of the internet and what I now refer to as “my baby,” ha!

Describe your style in three words.

Approachable, comfortable, classy. When I get dressed in the morning, I always think to myself “would my mom and grandmother be proud of this outfit?”

How did you first start blogging and sharing your style online?

When I graduated from college I started working on the marketing team at Kendra Scott. I helped run their social media and fashion blog, which led me to work with bloggers on the brand side of the influencer world. We would send product out to women and then re-post their content on our social platforms, etc. Over time, I realized I had all of the skills to pursue blogging on my own: photography, writing, social media, marketing strategy and a love for fashion. As I started thinking about what would bring me fulfillment in my career, I knew a blog would suffice all of my passions. Thus, I started LivvyLand in June 2014 and did what I like to call the “double job sitch” (where you work a 9-5 and then go home and work on building your own business) for a year and a half, then finally went full time with LL in October 2015. It’s been a crazy, wonderful ride ever since and I am so grateful to do something that truly brings me so much joy each day!

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the blogger world?

Above all, stay true to yourself and your own sense of style when it comes to creating unique content. No one has your vision, your aesthetic, your voice – so really hone in on that and eventually people will gravitate towards something so genuine. Lastly – keep going, work harder, don’t stop pushing. There were a ton of stress-induced breakdowns in the beginning (…and there still are from time to time!), but if this is something you want, do not give up. The blogging world is a tough industry to break into and no one realizes just how vulnerable it is to put your face, life, home, style, etc., on display for the world to see. I nearly quit 100 times – you have to have strong will and a good support system in place to pick you up when you feel down. Those two are musts!

LivvyLand and UNIONBAY

How has living in Austin, TX shaped your style?

I’d like to think my style is very reminiscent of Austin: approachable, colorful, grounded, trendy, a little boho here and there. Being a born and raised Austinite, there is no place I feel more connected to – I think it only makes sense that my style would align with this wonderful city!

What are your top three favorite Instagram accounts to follow and why?

@happilygrey is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion blogging – she is so mysterious and can make anything look phenomenal.

@newdarlings is another favorite account – I know them personally and not only do they produce incredible content, but they’re the sweetest, most down to earth couple.

Lastly, @stylemepretty – I’m a sucker for anything wedding related, so it’s a given that I eat up everything they post! From rings to dresses to tablescapes, they have definitely mastered social media for brides (…and us hopeless romantics, too!).

Right now I can’t stop wearing…

Vests and thermal tees! Austin weather has been quite unpredictable lately, so wearing a thermal tee on its own and keeping a cozy vest close by has been a go-to fall uniform of mine.

LivvyLand and Supplies by UNIONBAY

I will never leave my house without…

Oversize sunglasses! They’re the perfect accessory when you don’t feel like wearing eye makeup, ha!

I feel the most inspired when…

I get on Pinterest! It’s my go-to for fashion, interior, food, etc. inspiration. One of my “happy places” is waking up early on a Saturday morning, brewing some hot coffee and pinning in my pajamas on the couch. Literally…that is pure bliss to me! Even better if my apartment is clean, ha!

Thanks, Olivia!

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Share Your Style | Little Fixations

Little Fixations - UNIONBAY

Little Fixations

By: Alyssa Broadus

Hi guys, my name is Alyssa! I’m a mid-west gal who finds magic in capturing all of life’s little fixations, so I decided to combine those things into a lifestyle blog; and that’s when Little Fixations was born. I share everything from my favorite places in Kansas City, my travels, outfit inspiration and my photography from different shoots I work on! It’s a dream come true and everything I could have hoped to be doing; which makes this such an honor to be sharing my fall/winter style with you on UNIONBAY today.

Little Fixations – UNIONBAY image001-3

My style inspiration stems from a handful of places; including Instagram, magazines like Darling, Pinterest and blogs. I love going to thrift shops and finding staple pieces like coats, while mixing them with newer pieces to create my own personal style. Comfort and feeling like yourself in a garment is the most important fashion advice I’ve learned over the years, and it makes all the difference.

image001-4Little Fixations – UNIONBAY

Favorite trends for this fall/winter include layers; and lots of them! Fall is my favorite season, so I love being able to mix up coats, scarves and hats in the cooler months. It’s really easy to change a look with a few different accessories. (Plus, any excuse to be bundled in cozy clothing is a-okay with me).

 Little Fixations – UNIONBAY

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